Connectivity Bundle Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you” “customer” “client”) and Please Connect Me Limited (“Please Connect Me”, “we”, “us”, or “our”).


The customer will receive a 4G or 5G WIFI router which will contain an appropriate SIM card. 

The router provided and the plan on the SIM card will correspond with the bundle selected during the ordering process.

The Connectivity plan will commence from the day on which delivery of the router and sim card is requested, unless agreed prior.   

If a delivery is missed for any reason, the start date of the Connectivity Plan may be delayed by agreement between the customer and the Please Connect Me agent. 

The router is activated by connecting the equipment to any mains power supply, within the network service area of the underlying UK telecoms operator. 

Service will be terminated on the contract end date, unless an extension is agreed at least 3 working days before this date.

For 4G Connectivity Bundles, any equipment and accompanying plan provided remains the property of Please Connect Me throughout the duration of the agreement.

For 5G Connectivity Bundles, any equipment purchased with a plan is owned by the customer, who will retain the device at the end of the agreement.  

Please Connect Me holds no responsibility for the performance of the services provided in regard to connections, charges or supply, including delays and discontinuity of supply.

If the customer is faced with any issues with regards to the services received, they are advised to contact our support team directly for a resolution, or to follow the procedures for cancellation where applicable.

If the customer wished to terminate their agreement, then they must follow the process outlined in the “returns & cancellations” process outlined in this agreement.


Please Connect Me will not release any equipment to the customer until either full payment has been made for the plan requested, including the holding deposit in case of a 4G Connectivity Bundle, or the upfront router cost in case of a 5G Connectivity Bundle. If the client has select a monthly payment plan, then the relevant equipment & plan will be dispatched upon payment of the first 30 day subscription period and the accompanying upfront costs. 

If a subscription is selected as the preferred payment option, Please Connect Me reserves the right to terminate any plan, if the regular payment is not made within 7 calendar days of the date of any subscription due.


For 4G Connectivity Bundles, a standard deposit amount of £100 is required as a collateral for the loaning of the 4G router equipment provided.

This amount will be refunded back to the account from which the funds were deposited, within 20 working days of the date from which the equipment has been received by Please Connect Me after the plan termination, in line with the returns guidelines detailed under “Returns & Cancellations”.

Postage & Delivery

Please Connect Me will only dispatch the equipment for orders and accompanying payments received before 2:00PM Monday-Friday during normal working days. Orders received outside of this period will be dispatched the next working day via 1st class royal mail delivery, or comparable mailing service.


Please Connect Me will attempt to contact the customer a minimum of 7 calendar days before the plan expiry date.

At this point, the options available to the client will be to either cancel the plan and return of the equipment (in case of a 4G plan), or to extend the plan. 

If the customer wishes to extend the plan, this needs to be confirmed at least 3 working days in advance the expiry date, to avoid any loss of loss of service.

Rates for plan extensions are subject to change and may be different to those originally advertised on, or the materials originally provided.

Returns & Cancellations

The customer has a statutory right to cancel an order for a Please Connect Me Connectivity Bundle without penalty within the cooling off period, which is 14 days from the day the service is activated.

If the customer wishes to terminate their plan within the 14-day statutory period, then this must be communicated to Please Connect Me before this date elapses.

If the customer has purchased a 5G Connectivity Bundle and wishes to cancel their plan and return the equipment within the 14-day cooling off period, the 5G router must be returned in original packaging in the same condition that it was received. 

If the 5G router is not returned in original packaging, Please Connect Me reserves the right to refuse the equipment return or make appropriate deductions to reflect the loss in saleable value. 

Partial refunds are available where required by UK law.

In the event services are cancelled by the customer outside of statutory cancellation period covered by UK consumer law, then the customer will be required to pay an early termination fee, equal to 80% of the monthly fee multiplied by the remaining months on the contract. Any variation to this fee will only be granted at the sole discretion of Please Connect Me.

If the customer does want to cancel at any point, then this must be communicated to Please Connect Me by:

Any refunds will only be made once the equipment has been returned in full working condition, without any damage or wear beyond expected usage. Refunds will then be made within 20 working days of the receipt of the equipment back to Please Connect Me.

Please Connect Me will make a maximum of 2 attempts to organise collection/return of the equipment via our courier partners.

If this limit is exceeded, the client must make their own arrangements to return the equipment to the 

Please Connect Me returns address within the specified return period:

Please Connect Me

Block K Unit 102

Tower Bridge Business Complex

100 Clements Road


SE16 4DG

United Kingdom

If the equipment is not returned within 14 working days of the end date of the plan, Please Connect Me reserves the right to withhold any monetary deposit held for the provision of services.

If the equipment is returned in a damaged state, beyond that of expected day-to-day usage, Please Connect Me reserves the right to withhold either a portion, or the full amount of any monetary deposit held.

Sanctions & deductions

If the equipment is not returned within 7 calendar days of the end date of the plan “return period”, Please Connect Me reserves the right to withhold any monetary deposit held for the provision of services.

Please Connect Me implements the following sanctions, deducted from the deposit held:

    • 8 -14 calendar days after the return period: £50 deduction
    • 15 or more calendar days after the return period: £100 deduction

In the event of any deduction, Please Connect Me will inform you of the grounds for the deduction and the exact amount in writing via email. If you wish to contest this deduction, you must respond in writing to this email within 7 calendar days. Any further decision from Please Connect Me after an appeal is final.