My internet is unstable, what should I do?

Is your router not working as expected? A quick reset can often solve the problem!

Step 1 Reset your router

Reset your router by pressing the small reset button at the back with a paperclip or pin for 7 seconds or until the lights on the front of the device flash.

Step 2 Check your router equipment

Set the router up with only the power cable connected, running into the power socket at the wall. In the initial set up the power cable should be the only thing plugged into the router. Any ethernet network cables can be added once you’ve established a strong connection.

Step 3 Check that you have inserted the SIM

On your activation day, you’ll receive your new router and an activated SIM card in two deliveries. Before setting up your router, remove the SIM from its packaging and insert it into the SIM clot on the back of the router. If you haven’t received it, contact us at

Step 4 Check your router placement

The placement of your router can affect the quality of the internet you receive. Keep your router elevated, with a line of sight to the outdoors and away from obstacles such as large electronic devices or internal walls that could interfere with the signal.

Step 5 Check your speed

If your speeds are still slow, please complete an internet speed test with one device connected to your router and let us know the results. This will help us identify and fix the problem with your connection. Send the results of the speed test as well as any other details about the problem to us directly at NEW EMAIL ADDRESS and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information visit troubleshooting

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